Medical Transportation (NEMT) Dispatching Software Guide

There is a ton of unlocked potential in the transportation industry. A huge sector that has been growing over the last decade is medical transportation. Ride service companies all over the world have shifted or expanded their services to cater to the ever-rising demand for non-emergency medical transportation, also known as NEMT. 

Learn how and why NEMT companies use the SmartMove System for managing operations.

Why Do People Need NEMT

Every person strives to maintain health and well-being, where many are unable to drive themselves due to injury, disability, lack of vehicle, or many other reasons. If anything, these individuals are likely to have more medical appointments than most — where options for recurring transportation are needed.

As the baby boomers of the world continue to age, many are looking to ride service companies to offer medical transportation (and transportation in general) to get where they need to be, when they need to be there.

How Do I Run a Successful Medical Transportation Company?

In today’s day and age, you shouldn’t be running your company with manual processes that are time consuming, inefficient, and inconvenient for operators and customers alike.

Customer Booking

At minimum, transportation companies should have many options for customers and corporate clients to book and manage their rides. Clients should be able to call in bookings, book online on your website, or manage rides through a mobile app.

Stay competitive and grow customer satisfaction with SmartMove’s advanced app and web booking tools, which can be custom branded to reflect your company.




Are you missing out on calls or chats because of the struggle associated with hiring and keeping customer support teams in-house? 

By outsourcing to specialized contact centers for transportation, medical transportation companies eliminate the headache of maintaining an in-house support team, usually made up of local, low performing entry level applicants that don’t stick around very long. By outsourcing, your customers and drivers have better experiences, while you avoid the costs of rising wages and unruly employees.



Your dispatching standard operating procedures (SOPs) should also run smoothly with your software system, allowing your team to easily distribute and accept rides quickly.

Offering these routes of booking and dispatching to your customer and driver base might seem overwhelming and expensive, but in reality there are affordable options for transportation software. 

Your drivers are able to accept and manage rides with ease through the SmartMove Go Dispatch App on Android Devices for easy set up.

SmartMove Solutions & Case Studies


SmartMove offers part-time and full-time transportation specialized support and dispatching services, with agents at the ready to serve. We make it easy to outsource and save you money.

Whether you are opting to manage your own support/dispatching team, or deciding to outsource with SmartMove, SmartVoix by SmartMove is a feature rich phone system which has been customized to interface seamlessly with the SmartMove booking and dispatch system.

SmartMove Taxi Software Features


SmartMove Systems for NEMT Companies

No matter what stage of growth your medical transportation company is currently in, SmartMove offers customizable packages that work with your ever changing needs. With options for every budget, SmartMove works with established transportation businesses along with startup companies. We’ve partnered with companies that work with fleets ranging from fleets of 2–200+, and they love the fact that they can easily add on more features as they grow.

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