Is Your Taxi Dispatch Software Made for Corporate Accounts?

Taxi Dispatch Software is often thought of as a singular thing. A very important piece to a transportation company’s business, but a single discrete component nonetheless.

A small or medium sized corporation may have an assortment of third party software vendors providing for the other moving parts of the business. Each software service may work well on its own but may not be optimized to work with the rest of the system. Another possible issue is scalability.

Here, we look into dispatch software as part of a fully functioning system. We’ll also explore how an all-in-one system brings your business on top and get powerful features at any size.

Taxi Dispatch Software as an All-In-One System

In this smartphone centered era, the best kind of taxi dispatch software has at least three core components: the passenger app, the driver app, and an admin app. These three components fill the functions of booking, dispatching, and fleet management.

SmartMove Systems does all three as well as integrating call-center operations, and accounting tools. More importantly, Smart Move’s taxi dispatch software as an all-in-one system works seamlessly with one another.

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Booking with SmartHail Passenger App

A core aspect to modern taxi dispatch software is booking, which in this case, is the passenger app. A detail that impacts the bottomline immensely is ease of use. The less friction there is in user experience the more likely they are to book and repeat. The SmartHail App has no logins after the initial set up, payment can be made on app with a diversity of payment options, prefilled pick ups or destinations based on travel history, and a user interface built for ease of use.

One of the concerns that personal ride service or taxi corporations have is with building their brand. The SmartHail App can be white labeled to the client’s brand to fully give passengers the brand experience that the company is cultivating.

To see the details of the user interface and other features, book a demo.

Integrated Call Center Operations & IVR — SmartVoix

Customer service solutions that come separately may have trouble interfacing with another separate part of the corporation. This friction in systems may lead to mistakes and losses. What SmartMove has done is to integrate call center operations and IVR systems that interface seamlessly with the booking and dispatching system.

SmartVoix automates common tasks and eliminates data entry errors thus increasing call center efficiency, reliability, and transparency. It does this by providing information and call recording as well as providing advanced call queuing to prioritize important callers.

The bottomline of accurate bookings and the intricacies of the IVR and call center operation options are better fleshed out by booking a demonstration.

SmartDriver App

The second piece to modern taxi dispatch software is the driver app that allocates the rides fairly and quickly to the fleet as well as automating invoice generation. SmartDriver increases efficiency in driver workflows and benefits both the driver and the corporation’s bottomline.

SmartMove Track

This advanced duress panic system addresses the necessity of protection of human and material resources through SmartMove’s real time GPS vehicle monitoring and emergency button call monitoring to get a better handle of the situation and necessary timely response.

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A considerable factor that affects profits, other than sales, are administrative costs. DocketKiller is a collection of features that clinches all of the above apps and solutions together to save you time and money by reducing time taken on bookkeeping.

Corporate clients would be pleased to know that there’s unprecedented access, control, and collection of relevant data. Owners can check invoice details before issuance to account holders, that invoices are easily generated at the end of the month, and most importantly, no handling of necessary dockets as all information needed is collected and generated by the SmartMove System.

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Scale your fleet operations on a lower cost that gets you taxi dispatch software that handles booking, dispatching, data gathering and processing, and call center support all into one package. Get the seamless system of SmartMove and book a demonstration today.

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