Taxi Cab Technology: Dispatch Software Review

Taxi Cab Technology has been moving forward at such a fast pace that a lot of the functions and features can get pretty confusing. So here, we’ll take a look at the best features that’ll get you more bang for your buck at SmartMove’s lower cost yet integrated and comprehensive ecosystem of apps and programs.

Best Features in Review

SmartMove has a ton of great features that’s worth exploring, so you know what you’re getting. There are four dimensions to consider when thinking about taxi cab technology, and that is: the fleet operations and accounting tools, owner or operator management access, passenger app and experience, and driver app and workflows.

Fleet Operations

The best feature among the rest is the DocketKiller tool that saves you a lot of time and money as well as integrating the accounting right as the transaction happens. It does this by recording the details of the payment at the end of each job while also auto-generating the invoice in the form that the client needs for regulatory compliance.

SmartMove’s reporting and tracking tools provide a unified approach to taxi fleet management, providing insights to improve operational efficiency and fleet performance, identify cost-cutting opportunities, improve rosters, and much more.

Any recorded date can be checked for regulatory compliance. You can also set a warning time frame and an action, for example. If the vehicle registration has expired, prevent account or vehicle use.

With how the DocketKiller keeps track and prevents potential headaches, this is definitely one of the best features in our review.

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One of the best features for owners and operators is that you have unlimited and complete access to all of your data at all times — at no extra cost — letting you make better, more informed business decisions. We also provide customized and centralized reporting to ensure you have access to information when and where you need it and reporting tools to help you streamline your paperwork and reduce manual data entry.

Unlike other services we won’t hostage your data in additional fees.

Another feature for owners is the live mapping functionality that tracks all cars live and shows their status whether vacant or currently engaged as well as the booking details.

Driver’s App

There’s a lot of features for drivers to like, and the best among them is hard to pick.

A potential life and money saving feature of SmartMove is the duress panic function called SmartMove Track. In a nutshell, this will inform other drivers nearby, as well as the call center, and will send a text message to the designated number. The duress panic button would be installed somewhere inconspicuous and pressing it will have the cab be monitored by the call center in a one way call without the passenger’s knowledge. Once the emergency passes, the call center will have a two-way call with the cab to ensure everything is okay and possible next steps.

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Another contender for best feature for drivers would be the electronic logbook that keeps track of work done. This helps in preventing any record conflicts as well as recording extra work and adding notes on each job.

What ties in all these benefits together is the SmartDriver App that lets you access all the above features and much more, and that’s the best kind of feature.

Passenger Experience

The best feature when it comes to the passenger experience is also a tough pick, with so many of the conveniences that passengers have come to expect from SmartMove. In curating the user experience, the SmartHail App that handles the passenger side of booking can be white labeled to match the branding that your taxi company wants to achieve.

On the company side of the customer experience, SmartMove provides support to any type of payment method thus ensuring that there’s no lost business on account of payment method.

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Best Features in Taxi Cab Technology

While it seems all the above features are standalones, SmartMove does it smart by integrating them in an all-in-one package that accounts for your business needs the way you want it. Any and all transitions would be assisted by our capable team.

With our extensive experience in the business, book a demo and make the SmartMove today!

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