Importance of Online Booking & Dispatching Software for Taxi Companies in the US

Dispatching Software Features

Dispatching Software for taxi companies is a software solution that not just accomplishes back-end tasks but also provides front-end features that entice and retain customers.

Ridesharing disrupted the industry by giving customers the feeling of control over their transportation options. The many features that reassure passengers are tied to the app-based booking system that Uber, Lyft, and others have fostered. This means that customer expectations are up, and the conveniences that came with it are a major selling point to these customers.

Taxi Companies and Their Market

That isn’t to say that taxi companies are helpless since they have unique selling points as well while also gaining the advantages of ridesharing dispatching software.

One way to gain more market share for taxis is to drive home the point that drivers have undergone background checks and are the safer choice, as rideshares in the past have overlooked these practices in the pursuit of faster growth.

It would also help to emphasize the importance of taking local taxis, helping the local economy, and having better knowledge of the area and conditions.

Unfortunately, while these may help, it’s a necessity to adopt new technologies to really punch above one’s weight class and compete against app-based providers.

The SmartMove: Dispatching Software

When it comes to moving on to digitizing your taxi company’s processes and, most importantly, dispatching software for the front-end, doing it piecemeal and with a lot of disparate providers can create bottlenecks when one provider doesn’t play nice with the rest.

One of the smartest moves to make is to get an all-in-one software solution that takes into account the back-end functions and seamlessly integrates fleet operations with booking and dispatching.


SmartMove GO Overview

SmartMove Systems, The Right Way to Grow

A comprehensive dispatching software that fully and comprehensively integrates with the rest of the system — that’s what SmartMove provides.

SmartMove’s all-in-one solution keeps costs low to the customer by billing based on volume so that services scale with growth. Call center services can also be provided or integrated with your own team.

SmartMove has solutions for every aspect of the taxi business. Book a demo today!

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