Transportation Operations Guide: Taxi Scheduling & Dispatch Software

Every Startup Cab Company Needs a Reliable System for Taxi Scheduling and Dispatching

There are a lot of things to consider when you start to manage an on-demand fleet. Certain factors like dispatching algorithms, keeping up with a high demand, and developing a reliable system for fleet operations are among the common challenges startup cab companies face.

Customer Convenience

Traditional systems most cab companies initially adopt can be very limiting.

On some occasions, customers simply fill out a form that allows them to book a ride, without the assurance of actually securing what they need. Once the forms are submitted, it automatically goes to the pile of requests lining up for a confirmed booking.

In addition to the uncertainty, there is a higher chance of losing customers and other potential clients due to delayed responses.

SmartMove’s solutions speed up the process with its advanced dispatching algorithm that assigns available cars to passengers as well as integrating a variety of payment options to cover the ease of transaction.

Whether it’s whitelisting for your brand, ride tracking, privacy features, and smart payment options, SmartMove has got the passenger solutions.

The Need for a Taxi Scheduling and Dispatching Software

To address the issues of customer convenience and keeping up with high demand and a potentially growing customer base, successful cab companies opt to develop a reliable system for taxi scheduling and dispatching.

With the help of taxi dispatch software, it’s now possible to cater to the demands of every client, all at once! SmartMove’s integrated software does this seamlessly by automatically dispatching customers to the nearest available cab, and with multiple possible cars, the system’s algorithm accounts for fair ride distribution. The smooth integration shows when a ride is accepted, and an invoice is generated for both the driver’s daily report as well as for fleet operations or the accounting department.

Get that seamless ecosystem efficiency for drivers and fleet operations.


Achieve More with the Right Taxi Resources

Using SmartMove software allows you to maximize the potential of your company by providing you with the best fleet operation solutions. Now, you can get an automated taxi dispatch software that is tailored to the needs of your business and customers

With taxi scheduling software, your customers can easily find the nearest available driver for a fast and efficient ride assignment. The SmartMove taxi call center option is also available to help you make the most of customer care at a reduced cost as compared to hiring local employees that may compromise the quality of your service.

Get the best solution for booking & dispatching rides, taking customer calls, and more!

Make the SmartMove Now!

SmartMove Booking and Dispatch Solutions is one of the most trusted and most reliable online cab booking software in the United States, providing the best taxi scheduling and dispatch system that caters to your needs and the needs of your customers as well!

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