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People rely heavily on technology in today’s fast-paced environment for everything they do. New technology makes life easier by bringing a wide range of valuable services to our front door. A popular example is an online ride booking platform.

The heart of the taxi service is a sophisticated taxi dispatch algorithm and system, and the best taxi dispatch software gives you limitless options and features for managing taxi drivers, cabs, and clients while enabling you to take appropriate actions based on trip data.

Choosing the best taxi software for your company is important. However, it might also be stressful going through the process of deciding on which one. You’ll require transportation software to accommodate your expansion without breaking the bank, especially if you start with a small fleet.

For all your needs related to operating a transportation company, know that SmartMove Systems has got your back!

Call Center Add-on Delivers Service Excellence

One of the essential advantages of using a customer care call center is the opportunity to expand and serve your consumer base. A call center puts your online ride booking software business on the other end when a consumer has a problem with one of your goods or services.

You may already be aware that a contact center can assist companies in offering particular customer care. They ensure a great user experience across all devices and channels, including calls, emails, live chat messages, SMS texts, and support requests.

In the transportation sector, there is fierce competition to survive. More than just providing your consumers with good service is required. They search for the most excellent offers and procedures at the most affordable costs.

Your main priority should be your clients and passenger solutions. Your online ride booking software needs a phone answering service team to manage all the calls. They will be accessible around the clock to take reservations and address client issues. You will find it simple to operate several calls at once. Through this, your company will appear more professional.

SmartVoix by SmartMove

The SmartMove booking and dispatch system also integrates easily with the feature-rich phone system known as SmartVoix. Call centers can increase efficiency, dependability, and traceability through this system. It automates routine processes and removes data entry errors.

Additionally, it logs all calls and connects them to the initial reservation. This function offers an excellent quality control measure. With SmartVoix, you can expedite bookings using “interactive voice response,” or IVR.

By using the caller’s phone number and previously captured caller information, SmartVoix can identify the caller. To give essential callers priority, it also offers enhanced call queuing. As a result, SmartVoix provides more excellent capabilities and enables you to make more precise reservations.

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If you have any inquiries regarding online ride booking software or call center services, SmartMove Systems can help. Our knowledgeable dispatchers, accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, will take care of all your taxi booking needs.

Online Ride Booking Software Safety Advantages

Most consumers are unaware that the majority of online ride booking software just functions as call centers connecting potential customers with authorized drivers. And as a result, they have little control over the vehicles. 

Taxi dispatch software services are supposed to be a safe option for people looking for a secure mode of transportation. It’s crucial, especially in today’s world, where security is a significant concern. Still, sadly, both passengers and drivers are experiencing problems. 

Fortunately, a feature like Emergency triggers can help to resolve this worrying issue. We can install a hidden button in the vehicle that sends a distress signal. The driver can push the button discreetly with no alarm or notification to the customer.

When the driver presses the button, they can immediately reach customer service, and the call center can swiftly take action. In cases where a driver or passenger is in danger and needs a rapid safety response, they can use the emergency trigger.

Develop a custom strategy with us based on your fleet size. We can handle fleets of just 2 vehicles to 200+ and more! Experience SmartMove Systems, and watch as your company soars to new heights.

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