Taxi Company Operations: Taxi Booking Software & Dispatching with GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking on Track to Efficient Operations

It’s commonplace these days for transportation companies to use GPS. As part of taxi booking software, GPS brings plenty of benefits. It’s a feature that works for passengers, drivers, and taxi operators. It does this by giving more information and control for everybody around.

Taxi Booking Software and What Passengers Like

GPS does several things at once for passengers. First of all, it lets them track where their ride is. Secondly, GPS lets passengers know their Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). These two alone were powerful benefits that brought in passengers. This is why app-based taxi booking software beats traditional methods.

A good example of this is SmartMove Systems’ customer solution, SmartHail. It’s a customer facing app that utilizes GPS Tracking. It tracks rides at every stage of the journey and can be shared by the passenger so friends or family can track them. SmartHail can also be white labeled by clients to fit their brand.

Taxi Booking Software and Dispatching Efficiency

GPS does wonders for reducing turnaround time for all drivers. By letting drivers know immediately where their potential customer is, GPS saves so much time. Not only that, drivers get directed to their destination immediately. While it’s not perfect yet on locations, it increases the possible driver pool to draw from.

SmartMove Systems expands on this functionality with a duress/panic mode to allow other nearby cars to respond quickly including emergency services. The SmartDriver App harnesses GPS to generate a soft meter, and a whole host of stats for their electronic logbook and End of Shift Report. With this, it maximizes the objectivity and fairness in earnings.

Importance of Online Booking & Dispatching Software for Taxi Companies in the US


Taxi Booking Software for Fleet Management Operations

The more you know, the better you can decide. This is where GPS helps a lot for fleet management. Firstly, GPS enables operators and owners to know where every car is. GPS, paired with the right kind of taxi booking software, lets fleet management collect relevant data.

The possible data that can be collected includes stats like revenue per mile, average ride time, down time, number of accidents, and so on.


SmartMove System’s all-in-one solution powerfully puts a plethora of information at the manager’s fingertips to make the best data driven decisions. Data Reports and compliance can be customized and collated for client needs. Even better, SmartMove makes this data available to clients at all times from the get-go.


GPS Does Best When Used Right

SmartMove makes use of GPS in the best possible way by utilizing the technology to solve several problems outright. An integrated taxi booking software that does dispatching, reporting, compliance, and more will speed up operations and earnings better than disparate apps. Make the smart move today!

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