Preparing Your Taxi Company for 2023: Upgrading Online Ride Booking Software

New Year, New Strategies

Online ride booking software, how do you upgrade it for 2023? Keeping up with the latest in technology and trends is a necessity. One trend to watch out for is high inflation. In 2022, inflation hit record high at 9.1% and closed at 7.1%. Have a game plan to take it on by considering these dimensions in the taxi business.

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GPS Integration

One of the things worth revisiting in your online ride booking software is how it integrates GPS. It’s one thing to have GPS but it’s another to use it effectively.

Online ride booking software that uses GPS to not only book rides but also gather important stats. Utilizing GPS best means using it for multiple objectives. See our write up here on the specifics. But in a nutshell GPS and its data should not just be for one purpose. It needs to serve every aspect of the business.

Online Marketing

The next dimension to prepare for is online marketing. There will be more competition in 2023. It will take a lot of effort to bring your business above the din. This is especially true if you’re utilizing an app to gain more bookings.

Your online ride booking software in 2023 must acclimate to different business models. That includes settings for corporate accounts, government transit services, school transport services, and on-demand bookings.



Call Center Support

Call answering and customer service roles are best outsourced. With the Great Resignation making it harder to find workers for jobs, outsourcing increasingly makes sense with lower costs and a wider talent pool.

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Data Collection

Last but not the least is the means of making data driven decisions. Your online ride booking software should seamlessly integrate and collect data and report the data according to the needs of managers and fleet operators.

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All-In-One Solution

The SmartMove that makes sense is to have online ride booking software that integrates functions that serve customers, aids drivers, and gives better control to fleet management. 

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