Top 5 Taxi Dispatch Software Features 2023

Taxi Dispatch Software You Should Look Out For

As the new year progresses, it’s the perfect time for transportation companies to optimize their operations. The customer experience and the driver experience should always be top-of-mind when it comes to reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of how your company operates. Of course, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of day-to-day operations should also be considered. 

Significance of Taxi Booking & Software in Today’s Age

With the emergence of mobile apps and ride sharing, today’s society is accustomed to easy options when it comes to reserving a ride with a transportation company. When you don’t have a booking software or dispatching system, the inconvenience the customer experiences may be the major factor as to whether or not they decide to come back and use your service.

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Taxi Dispatch Software Features 2023

1. Customer Booking Options

Customers are what keep your business running. You need software that allows customers various options when it comes to booking a ride. Not only should they be able to call, they should also be able to conveniently book online and through a mobile app.

SmartMove provides passenger booking technology, through the custom branded online booking tool and the SmartHail app. The generic version is available for embedding in your fleets’ website, or the app can be easily branded to your fleet.  

SmartMove apps are easy to use and robust. 

2. Driver Interface

It’s important to provide your drivers with an easy to use platform that allows them to do their jobs as efficiently and stress-free as possible

What should a driver app include?

    • Receive job offers, and interact with customers.
    • Send and receive messages
    • Navigate to the next job using the phone’s GPS
    • View an ‘End of Shift’ report
    • Fill in the logbook
    • View flight Information
    • View future booking information

SmartMove’s SmartDriver App

With SmartMove, your drivers have access to SmartDriver, a state of the art app which allows them to handle bookings away from their vehicles. At the touch of a button SmartDriver will also respond to messages, access shift reports, and fill in the logbook. Your drivers will have all of the features mentioned above, and more!

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3. Easy Access to Reporting & Financials

Taxi Dispatch Software should provide capabilities to easily access all ride information, driver jobs, financials, and more for accounting and performance auditing.

SmartMove reporting includes:

  • Access your own data anywhere, any time
  • Eliminate paper-based record keeping, and support your drivers with intuitive digital data entry and prompts
  • Easily generate and send account invoices efficiently to customers
  • Equip drivers and owners to easily retrieve their own end of shift reports or invoices
  • Create and save custom reports for front line staff or Management use

SmartMove’s reporting and tracking tools offer a cohesive approach to taxi fleet management, providing insights to improve operational efficiency and fleet performance, identify cost saving areas, improve rosters, and much more.

4. GPS Vehicle Tracking

Dispatchers should be able to use the taxi software to manage rides with ease, in real-time with vehicle mapping and data to track and manage vehicles. 

SmartMove Taxi Dispatch Software & Booking Solutions:

  • Live
  • Shows all cars and their states (vacant/engaged)
  • Can show booking details
  • Authorized users will have access to a live map to show where the cars are and what state they are in.

SmartMove Systems: Sophisticated rule capability & customization, for managing complex booking scenarios. Built on a secure cloud-based platform.

5. Customization & Full Control

When you’re choosing a taxi/transportation software for your company, it’s important to consider the different options you need in order to make it work for your unique needs. 

SmartMove Systems has many customization options, and provides businesses with a tailor-made solution to fit their needs, within their budget. Some of these options include:

  • Customize your reports and create new query reports specific to your requirements
  • Customize your dispatch zones and site profiles.
  • Customize your fleet rates and tariffs
  • Fully customizable addresses — can be imported from a range of sources to eliminate double handling and user error.
  • Customize multiple fleet profiles easily and create specific regulations for individual fleets
  • Full control of your employee profiles and records.  Control employee access levels.
  • Promo Codes & Vouchers
  • Easy integration with call centers

Make the SmartMove

Whether your taxi or NEMT company is a small fleet or a growing, multi-state fleet, SmartMove Systems is the flexible, scalable solution that can be modified to fit the needs of your specific business.

Booking & Dispatching Software + Customer Support Services

If you are looking to advance your taxi or transportation company, SmartMove is the answer.

  • Small fleet? No Problem. SmartMove Systems provides transportation companies of all sizes (from 1 to 200+ vehicles) with everything they need to succeed. Large fleets scale to new territories and acquisitions with SmartMove seamlessly.
  • Manage Business Through Android Devices. SmartMove makes it easy to dispatch rides to drivers via Android App. Gone are the days of bulky and difficult-to-set-up hardware.
  • Call Center Services Bundle. Ready to grow but don’t know where to begin when you want to start outsourcing your calls? SmartMove Systems offers support agents you can trust that can take your calls, chats, emails, and more. Choose from the pricing structure that fits your budget & needs.

There are several strategic moves you can make as a taxi owner/operator to improve your operations and bottom line. A powerful tool that pushes you towards success and growth is the right booking and dispatching system. 

Are you taking the right steps to optimize your transportation business?

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