U.S. Taxi Startup Tips: How to Manage Drivers

Giving an Edge to Your Taxi Drivers

If you’re thinking of entering the world of transportation and taxi, the rest of this read should set you on the right track!

As of 2023, the taxi industry is estimated to be worth 42.6 billion dollars in the US alone. Easily, the taxi business is one of the most lucrative lines to get into with low upfront costs.

However, running a taxi fleet can be quite a challenge. It takes organization, efficiency, and proper planning to make sure everything is running smoothly.

That’s why you need a trusted fleet operation software to help you on your way to success — providing passenger, driver, fleet operation and owner operator solutions so you can keep up with the industry’s ever-changing demand.



Get Your Paperwork Done

Whether you’re contracting or employing taxi drivers, you need to keep track of accounting, legislative, and quality insurance necessities.

You might find these recurring tasks overwhelming. Fortunately, there are taxi software features out there that make dealing with paperwork a breeze.

For instance, SmartMove’s DocketKiller feature revolutionizes book-keeping and streamlines processes to save you time and effort.

Benefits for Drivers

  • 100% paperless transactions.
  • End of shift report is available immediately when the driver logs off.
  • Calculates income, cash, statistics and amount payable to the driver.
  • Expenses can be recorded in the vehicle and the end of shift report will make the appropriate adjustments.
  • Fare discrepancy report is also available.


Benefits for Owner/Operators

  • Summary of the account work done by a vehicle.
  • Formatted as an invoice from owner to fleet.
  • Invoices can be easily generated at the end of a month.
  • No handling of dockets required. All the information needed is already in the system.
  • Can be emailed.
  • Owner can check details before invoices are issued to account holders.

In short, all information required for invoicing is right at your fingertips in one convenient system.

Looking After Your Taxi Drivers

Running a taxi business means that you not only need to look after your customers, but also the drivers behind the wheel. SmartMove understands the importance of your duty to provide top-notch care and ensure everyone is safe on the road.

Thus, we created a system that includes features like Duress Panic, Soft Meter, End of Shift Report, and more!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Taxi Business

Invest in advanced software solutions such as fleet management software. Their built-in customer and driver apps can really give your business a much needed boost.

At SmartMove, your drivers have access to SmartDriver, a state-of-the-art app which allows them to handle bookings away from their vehicles. At the touch of a button, SmartDriver will also respond to messages, access shift reports, and fill in the logbook. 

In addition, taxi drivers:

  • Receive job offers, and interact with them.
  • Navigate to the next job using the phone’s GPS
  • View flight Information
  • View future booking information
  • Easy access to job & financial information

Choose a Low-Cost Booking and Dispatch System

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