Affordable, yet Powerful Dispatch System for Taxi Companies in The United States

Powerful and Cost-Effective Dispatch System

Every taxi business needs an efficient dispatch system for operations and management. You can either develop a software from scratch or buy a ready-to-use one.

Most companies use apps for their drivers and passengers — but building an app from the ground up requires significant resources, time, and money. This has made personal custom software a risky venture.

That considered, a ready-to-use but customizable booking and dispatch system like SmartMove Systems is the best yet affordable option. They offer subscription-based software with powerful features that can be tailored to fit your fleet operations.

Integrated and Scalable Call Center Service 

SmartMove offers access to support agents that can handle calls, chats, emails, and more. For scalability, you can choose the pricing structure that works best for you.

Apart from the 24/7 call center support for your team and the flexible call taking options, SmartMove has an interactive voice response (IVR) integration called SmartVoix.

With SmartVoix’ call routing option, common tasks are automated and data entry errors are eliminated. As a result, your call center support can increase efficiency, reliability and traceability.

SmartVoix also helps:

  • Identify the caller via the phone number
  • Identify previously recorded caller details including name and addresses
  • Provide advanced call queuing to prioritize important callers
  • Allow you to take more accurate bookings and offer advanced functionality
  • Record all calls and link them to the original booking. This provides an exceptional quality control measure.

Watch Video: SmartVoix Guide for Dispatch Operators

Ready-to-Use and Customizable Features

SmartMove Systems offers many customization options for your fleet’s unique needs. With the tailored software solution, you’re sure to get exactly what you need within your budget.

You can customize:

  • Reports and create new query reports specific to your requirements
  • Dispatch zones and site profiles.
  • Fleet rates and tariffs
  • Addresses — can be imported from a range of sources to eliminate double handling and user error.
  • Multiple fleet profiles easily and create specific regulations for individual fleets
  • Employee profiles and records and employee access levels.
  • Promo Codes & Vouchers
  • Easy integration with call centers
  • SmartHail passenger booking app — can be easily branded to your fleet

Being a cost-effective dispatch system, you can use SmartMove’s dynamic pricing to cater to your fleet’s workload.

Comprehensive Reporting and Record Keeping

To make your job easier, SmartMove provides a platform to easily access all ride information, driver jobs, financials and more for auditing and accounting.

SmartMove reporting includes:

  • Access your own data anywhere, any time
  • Eliminate paper-based record keeping, and support your drivers with intuitive digital data entry and prompts
  • Easily generate and send account invoices efficiently to customers
  • Equip drivers and owners to easily retrieve their own end of shift reports or invoices
  • Create and save custom reports for front line staff or management use

In addition, SmartMove streamlines your entire book-keeping process, from accounting to legislative and quality insurance requirements. Which is why we call these innovative features DocketKiller as they eradicate paperwork.

Through these tools you’ll be able to optimize your fleet operations, identify cost saving areas, streamline rosters, and more.

Driver and Passenger Solutions

On top of being a cost-effective dispatch system, SmartMove also offers solutions for your passengers and drivers. You can rest easy knowing that your drivers and passengers have a full suite of reliable tools to make their ride comfortable, safe, and secure.




Scalable and Low-Cost Dispatch System

Whether you’re operating a small fleet or multi-state transportation, our dynamic pricing options, simplified regulatory and safety checks, and reduced paperwork make managing taxi operations easier and budget-friendly.

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  • 70 million bookings serviced

  • 20,000 drivers have used SmartMove

  • 17 years supporting the taxi industry

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