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When you’re starting a taxi, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), or other ride service company, you’ll eventually reach a point where you will not be able to sustain operations using manual procedures.

How do growing companies advance their operations to the next level? The answer is SmartMove Systems’s taxi dispatch software and solutions. There are a number of factors that make SmartMove the right choice for small fleet operations. Let’s explore those reasons.

Cost Effectiveness – SmartMove Systems can be modified to fit any budget. As you grow, you can add features as needed. We’re the platform of choice for small fleets with affordable options. SmartMove automation helps assign rides to the closest drivers, making for a better experience, requiring less effort and brain power for dispatchers.

Driver FeaturesYour drivers have access to SmartDriver, a state of the art app which allows them to handle bookings away from their vehicles. At the touch of a button SmartDriver will also be able to respond to messages, access shift reports, and fill in the logbook.

  • Receive job offers, and interact with them.
  • Send and receive messages
  • Navigate to the next job using the phone’s gps
  • View the ‘End of Shift’ report
  • Fill in the logbook
  • View flight Information
  • View future booking information

Passenger Features – The SmartHail passenger booking app is easy to use and robust. The generic version is available for all fleets or the app can be easily branded to your fleet. The SmartHail app provides passengers with the ability to track the route taken in real-time giving peace of mind to parents or friends.

SmartHail also allows your passenger to quickly and easily order food or packages for collection and delivery. Tracking your incoming meal or package is now easier than ever.

With SmartHail you can be in your passengers pocket all the time and know every step of their journey.

  • No login after initial setup
  • Easy to use
  • Fare estimates
  • ETA and car tracking
  • Pay using the app
  • Deliveries – order food and goods for collection and delivery through your app
  • Promo codes and vouchers
  • Upfront payment authentication
  • Choice of vehicle
  • Select prefilled pick up or destinations based on the travel history
  • Book for immediate pickup or pre-book
  • Accurate etas
  • Track the driver
  • Rate and review the driver
  • Digital receipts
  • Safe ride tracking – send a link to a friend to track your arrival

Operator Features – SmartMove also handles your accounting, legislative and quality insurance requirements giving you detailed information on every aspect of every job. We call these innovative accounting features DocketKiller as they eradicate paperwork and save you time and money by streamlining your book-keeping processes dramatically. You can also assign promo codes at will for attracting more customers.

Call Center Integration – SmartMove provides you with simple cost saving options for the daily management of your call center. Using our SmartVoix phone system you can automate common tasks and you can easily eliminate data entry errors with the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) automatic booking systems.

Watch our SmartVoix video for more detailed information on this feature. You can choose to use the call center on a full time or part time basis to give you flexibility when you need it.

Implement a Real Transportation Operations System

In conclusion, it is a natural progression to grow out manually inputting rides and contacting drivers to accept rides. The amount of manpower and attached costs necessary to keep things going that way are wasteful and eat into your profit margins. Now is the time to explore the possibilities that lie in switching over to a platform that can handle everything you need to successfully run operations for a transportation company.

Get in touch with our SmartMove team and we can guide you through your journey of growth.

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