Top 3 Taxi Fleet Management Tips for Growth in The US Market

A Guide on Taxi Fleet Management for Small US Fleets

The transportation industry has changed dramatically over the last decade and continues to adapt to the ever changing demands of customers. 

1. Go for corporate contracts

Creates a steady stream of income. When drivers are depending on you to give them rides, you need ways to maximize consistency to not only grow your business, but to also keep your driver onboard. 

Target your marketing and sales towards businesses that have a high volume of regular ride needs for their customers, guests, patients, and employees. This could include: hotels, event coordinators, business travelers, retirement homes/skilled nursing facilities, and medical establishments in your service area.

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is a growing sector of the transportation industry. It would be very wise to target medical businesses and establishments that accommodate the growing geriatric population (baby boomers) that will be needing transportation assistance as they become older and in need of more specialized care. 


2. Create a company culture

Form a team of drivers that are motivated towards the same goal: success of the company. Show them they are valued and play a highly important role in business growth. Genuinely show interest in creating a positive work environment, check in on any feedback they might have and celebrate their wins. When your team of drivers feels a personal connection with the company they work for, they’ll have more motivation to perform their best and represent the business in a good light with every interaction.


3. Invest in optimal customer and driver experience

  • Are you allocating your budget in the right places? In order for your company to scale, you need to invest in your main driving force — your drivers and your customers.
  • Make it easy

Invest in software that makes it easy for your customers to book/manage rides, and easy for your drivers to accept/manage rides.


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Don’t just survive, thrive in the transportation industry

Are you taking the right steps to build up your customer base and fleet? If you focus on the three professional business tips mentioned earlier, you’re headed in the right direction. Gather your major decision makers, and go through these points to make sound decisions every quarter. Your goals should always be growth, and executing regular changes to adapt to the everchanging transportation industry is a smart choice.

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