Non-Emergency Medical Transport NEMT

Fully integrated with the SmartMove dispatch software

Easy ways to make a booking and choose a car

Provide a fast and reliable service to your NEMT clients. Passengers can book using the app or online, using either the account portal or an online booking form. A booking can also be made over the phone or if an account is already set up, the passenger can simply hail a taxi and charge to their account.

Specialised Passenger Account Portal

Allow passengers to accurately make and monitor complex bookings and budgets for themselves or for their clients. Control almost every aspect of the booking along with full detailed visibility of all trips both past and present in real-time.

Accounting & Customisable Reports

For all trips, detailed account invoices are easily generated at the click of a button at any time. With unlimited customisable reports you can also access the information you need, when you need it. Significantly reduce your time spent on account management and invoice administration.

Management of Credentials and Certifications

SmartMove provides comprehensive reporting and data checking capabilities which enable you to accurately keep track of your drivers credentials and certifications. This ensures that your passengers are only being transported by certified drivers.


The passenger or the booking manager will make the booking using;

  1. SmartHail app
  2. Account portal
  3. Online booking form
  4. Call centre
  • If a passenger already has an account set up in the account portal, they may even hail an immediate ride and charge it directly to their account subject to the conditions of the account being met.
  • The passenger/manager or call centre operator will select the appropriate vehicle type for the needs of the passenger for example if you offer specific mobility vehicles, the passenger will select the option most suited to their specific needs.
  • The SmartMove dispatch software will process the booking in real time allocating the trip to the car that fits the specific requirements and is closest to the pick-up destination.
  • The software will also provide immediate trip information to both the driver and passenger including accurate GPS navigation and tracking of the allocated driver for the passenger along with a real-time, estimated time of arrival.
  • The software then monitors and tracks every aspect of the trip from the pick up to the drop-off for the passenger.
  • Once the trip has been completed the dispatch software will automatically deduct the payment from the travel budget or will request payment from the passenger for any gap payable.
  • If not a pre-booking, the passenger may still use their account details to pay for their trip as per the restrictions or specifications of the account.
  • Alternatively, the passenger may use any other form of payment accepted by the driver. ¬†Paperless transactions are completed quickly and easily all in the one system.
  • The billing/invoicing for non-emergency medical transportation can be easily exported and processed no matter which medical agency or company was used.
  • The passenger can view and track all previous travel taken along with any pre-booked travel by using either their personal account portal or the SmartHail passenger App.

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